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Set the mood with music in any location of your house
In the dining room and kitchen a nice cultural piece compliments the dinner being served; some classical in the study inspires your thoughts; and a good vibe in the game room with jazz, rock, or funk to ease the scene. Do you like to entertain outside or enjoy music by the pool? An eHabitat system allows you to access your entire music collection, or listen to any broadcast radio source anywhere you want with a simple to use inwall interface or remote control.
Packaged Solutions:
Our packages start with a two-room, one-source system and go up to 12 or more rooms/areas with 12 or more different sources to choose from. For the budget conscious we recommend that you think or dream of every place you want music in and around your house. We will then design and prewire for your future! All of the packages can be expanded with future add-ons for your desired whole-house audio experience.
System Benefits
 Listen to your entire music library in hi-fi from any room of your house (+ outside locations - pool, patio, deck, etc)
 Speakers blend in with the décor/environment (in wall/ceiling or landscaping elements)
 Easy to use controls (wall and handheld remote controls)
 Centralize sources (CD changer, media servers, iPod, tuners, XM/Sirius, Minidisc, MP3, etc)
 Plan for future upgrades using our structured wiring solutions.
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