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Home Theater
Experience movies the way the director intended or sit on the sidelines with your favorite team.
From the engaging big screen and high-definition picture to the all-encompassing environmental sound, a eHabitat Home Theater makes all of your A/V entertainment become more realistic. Oh yeah, video games are way more intense!
Packaged Solutions:
We provide a variety of packages tailored to all levels of appreciation. You may just be entering the world of Home Theater and are a bit conservative with budget or you may be an Audio/Videophile whose priority is to have the ultimate system. The theater experience could be incorporated into your family room or you may have a room dedicated for maximum performance. What ever the situation, we will provide a system that is perfect for you.
Theater Types
Family Room Theater
A family room theater combines both a family room and a home theater. You can arrange your family room furniture to best enable you to watch TV or movies on a large-screen TV with speakers surrounding the room.
Dedicated Theater
A dedicated theater is designed in a room specifically used for your home theater. It usually has a large, wall-size movie screen with speakers surrounding the room. You can select from traditional movie chairs or special recliners to provide seating for you, your family and guests. In addition, the room can be darkened without the glare of windows just like a movie theater.
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