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Future Proof your Home – Structured Wiring
To meet our demands for technology at home, a broad range of communication and multimedia services must be available. Telephone, home networks, Internet, cable television, satellite, and high definition television – all these elements of consumer electronics have special cable requirements we call structured cabling.

Structured cabling lays the foundation that allows your technology devices to work together to make your daily life convenient and more pleasurable.

As part of a structured cabling plan for your home, we have wallplates and panels that allow us to connect the necessary cables in your home to your integration system. At the wallplates and panels, which are installed in key locations that you help select, you receive immediate access to: broadband internet; shared files, printers and other online resources on all your computers; multiple telephone lines; high–definition signals for off–air (traditional TV), satellite and cable; and home–wide music.
Why is it better?
Future proof your home
 Simplify the upgrade of home electronics
 A selling point to a homebuyer
Integrated solution
 Interaction between systems (e.g., security & HVAC)
 Mixed signal distribution
 Cross connect without rewiring
More Organized
 Improved maintainability
 Labeled and documented
 Professional/Neat installation
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