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The question of whether to choose a wired or a wireless network is still a pretty simple question. The answer depends on how you intend to use the network. If you have a wireless laptop that you take back and forth between home and work, then a wireless connection is a must. But if you want to keep your computer files private, or want to watch high definition television and listen to a house-wide music system, the only way to go is a wired network and its underlying structured wiring.

Combining wired and wireless could be the best of both worlds. You could use a wired network for your personal computers in your home, and use a wireless laptop for convenience. In addition, networking wallplates can have the ability to offer a wireless access point that can be added by simply plugging one in.
A wired network has:
 Lower cost
 Faster speed—up to 1000 megabits per second (Mbps )
 Longer possible range
 A secured connection
Some good reasons to choose a wireless network are:
 Freedom—no tangled wires to carry
 Quick, effortless installation
 No cables to buy
 Save cable time and hassle
 Easy to expand
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